Monday, September 12

Question 54:Screw Dheela Hai

This is a tribute, in Lego, to which iconic image?

Question 53:An Impressive Resume

A textual long (google-able) factual question after a long time(This is not the kind that I would sponsor). The title is a paradox coz this guy dosen't need a job as becomes clear herein:
[sic] X is a United Kingdom born German businessman. X was the group Chief Executive of Y between January, 2010 and 9 September 2011
Born in London, X was raised in London, Bonn and Athens. His father was a German diplomat. X holds degrees in Economics from Bonn University, and in Aviation and Space Technology from Munich University of Technology.
On graduation in 1982, X joined McKinsey as a consultant in Munich

In 1986, he joined A where he held various leadership positions before becoming Managing Director of A's South Africa sector in 1996, and the board member responsible for all vehicle development projects in 1999.
In April 2001, X was appointed Chairman and Managing Director of B. 
In June 2004 he then became President of Z Europe, based in Zurich, Switzerland, as well as Chairman of the B Supervisory Board. Since April 2005 he also has been Chairman of C. On 1 January, 2006, he was additionally appointed Z's Vice President and a member of the Z Automotive Strategy Board, and took over the role as the senior-ranking executive for Z’s activities in Europe.

In November 2009, Z announced that it would retain ownership of its B subsidiary. X commented about Z’s decision not to sell the units to a certain company and in November 2009 Z confirmed that X would be leaving all positions with Z globally.

In 2010 Y announced that X has been appointed as the group CEO with overall responsibility for Y globally
Following a suprise announcement in September, 2011 it was revealed that X would step down from his group CEO role due to 'unavoidable personal circumstances'. However, he remains on the Y board of directors in a non-Executive capacity. Identify this person X who is in the news.
The points allotted depend on how many elements you can guess, although If you get one, the rest should be pretty easy.

Saturday, September 10

Question 52:Be Sirius

This is a NEAR perfect translation of a song by a blues-rock band fromBelgrade,in...
I have no Idea if its too literal. Identify X and FIB anyway. needlessto say that they are two different words. Although the second one has no meaning as such but its just alphabets strung together to form a 'nickname' which is likeable. Enough said, now your turn.
Its quite easy and there are two many clues..a thing I will later regret doing. More questions to come. Stay tuned.
Certain jobs are very demanding,
need lions heart and cool to roll the dice,
he is sometimes hot as chilly pepper,
but he can be as cold as the ice.
X always knows gow to play it right, 
all over the world people cheer him, 
oh yeah, _____.
Joe, Joe, Jolly X,(x2) Joe, Joe, Mister X, Joe, Joe, Jolly X, watch out darlings, X is coming. He plays with tennis balls and with our hearts, driving all the fans total nuts,
things get very nasty when the racquet's broken,
then believe me some bad words are spoken. But everything ends with his trademark smile,
he is a very, very cool and ok guy,
oh yeah, ____. Chorus.. watch out darlings as X is coming.

Friday, September 2

Question 49:American Icons Part II

Please connect the images below to a legendary figure remembered widely today for a number of significant reasons...too many clues in the pics...some are too direct while some lead you to this person indirectly.

Thursday, September 1

Question 48:American Icons Part I

The Ist pic relates to the 2nd as the 3rd relates to the 4th...Identify,connect and put funda

Sunday, August 21

Important notification

Dear subscribers and visitors...
I started this blog with the intention of putting up interesting questions on a regular basis.
I wanted to encourage and ensure maximum participation and interaction. But in the last couple of months it became impossible for me to post any new questions for a number of reasons. In fact I was so caught up that I thought of shutting down the blog altogether. I would prefer not to waste everyone's time by going into details. Rest assured I am going to be back and posting regularly from SEP 1 2011. My apologies for such a long break. Any suggestions, advice, criticism is most welcome as always. I would appreciate it if we continue from where we left off and I hope I can bring something new, interesting and unique to the blog. Watch this space for more.
Cheers and happy quizzing to all!!